Ruby Roxanne Agresta

Ruby Roxanne Agresta is a powerhouse. She is one of those women you meet and later ask yourself, “How does she do it…and how do I get some of that energy?”


Not only does Ruby have a successful business as the creator of Ruby Roxanne Designs leather jewelry and hats, she has been married for 11 years to her handsome husband Jim, and together they raise three beautiful children in Scotts Valley.


She is deeply involved in the art community through her work with Pivot; The Art of Fashion and explores her avant-garde creative side by creating Wearable Art and mentoring teens through FashionTEENS Santa Cruz.

“I love creating very unique pieces that makes one wonder what is that made out of? whether it be a dress, jumpsuit, hat or headpiece,” she said.


I was surprised to learn that Ruby considers herself “kinda shy” because she really does have a big, sparkly personality, just like the wearable art she creates. She is known for her gorgeous, often blinged-out, leather cuffs. (You may well know someone who has been “cuffed” by her – I know I have been!)


It makes sense that, as a designer and stylist, Ruby feels more comfortable behind the scenes, even though she doesn’t fade into the background herself at all.

“I’m very proud of myself for never turning down a challenge. I push myself to think and design outside of the box,” she said.

Her latest challenge has been designing hats for Watsonville-based American Hat Makers Ruby Roxanne Designs and American Hat Makers have joined forces to get their hats seen in the world of high-fashion, and guess what? They are making it happen!


“I didn’t really think I could do it [design hats], but with the encouragement and support of Garth & Hannah Watrous  – plus the incredible production team –  we came out with a collection of amazing hats,” Ruby said.


And that quest to get their hats seen in the high-fashion world? Well, it’s happening. The hats were featured on the runway at New York Fashion Week for Tumbler & Tipsy and a gold metallic top hat Ruby designed was featured on the cover of Lux-PR Magazine.

But that is really just the beginning. “I am super excited to announce my new venture with American Hat Makers,” Ruby shared.  “Ruby Roxanne Head Couture is a luxury high end wearable art collection of gorgeous hats and head pieces that will make anyone who wears them become ART!”


When I asked Ruby what the keys to her success are she didn’t hesitate, “Having an open mind,” she said. “If I hadn’t been open to working with Garth and Hannah and American Hat Makers I wouldn’t be on this new path.”

It looks like a path to the runway to me!


Do you believe in MAGIC? American Hat Makers does!


Do you believe in MAGIC?

I’m not referring to the David Copperfield kind (although this kind does appear in Las Vegas!)

Nor I am I referring to the pulling a rabbit out of a hat kind (although this kind does involve hats!)

No, I am referring to the amazing, one-of-a-kind fashion tradeshow that takes place in Las Vegas twice a year. With over 60,000 (yes, that is correct: sixty THOUSAND) industry insiders in attendance, MAGIC is the marketplace for all things fashion forward.


If this is the place to be then you know American Hat Makers is there! We are proud to be a part of this huge marketplace for the past several years. It’s one of our favorite places to be! (Well, they all are, but don’t let the secret out!)

MAGIC is truly like nothing else and American Hat Makers is thrilled to be exhibiting in “The Collective” marketplace again this year.

What is “The Collective” you ask? well, according to MAGIConline:

THE COLLECTIVE is the culture of men’s fashion. This platform showcases everything from classic collections to lifestyle-driven and licensed apparel for men and young men. By uniting this community under one roof next to PROJECT, THE COLLECTIVE gives buyers unparalleled access to the rapidly growing men’s and young men’s market.

Come by THE COLLECTIVE and find us:   August 15-17, booth #30038.

This year we will be proudly showcasing both our new hats and our perennial bestsellers as well as celebrating our new Outdoor and Heritage catalogs!


If you’re in Vegas August 15- 17 we’d love to see you – or you can follow the magic on our Facebook page or  Instagram or Twitter!

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Written by Jessica Johnson exclusively for American Hat Makers

Meet Our Newest Jewel: Ruby Roxanne Designs

When Hannah Watrous, Director of Global Marketing and resident fashionista at American Hat Makers, wanted to bring some extra high-fashion glamour and pizzazz to the company she reached out to local designer Ruby Roxanne Agresta.

American Hat Makers-hats-handmade  (2)

Hannah Watrous and Ruby Roxanne at WESA in Denver

Known for her much adored leather statement cuffs – seen on the wrists of rock stars, celebrities, runway models and that stylish woman you see around town – Agresta’s company, Ruby Roxanne Designs, exhibits a strong appreciation for well-crafted, carefully designed, high-quality leather accessories and Hannah Watrous knew she wanted to meet Ruby.

Initially attracted to Ruby’s keen marketing and branding, Hannah recalls,  “I wanted to meet with her and ask what she was doing to reach the celebrities because I thought she was doing a remarkable job.”



Some of the many celebrities who rock RRD!

Luckily,  Hannah Watrous is both patient and persistent, because it took over two years for the two world-traveling, successful working moms to be able to connect face to face. Ruby remembers Hannah extending an invitation for her to come to the Hat Hangar.

“Hannah said, ‘Why don’t you come to my little store, we just opened it.’ When I got here and looked around my jaw dropped and Hannah said, “Well, the store is little!” said Ruby, laughing.


American Hat Makers’ not so small home.

While Ruby was impressed with the quality of the hats and the size of the business it still took a bit of persuading to get her into the hat business.

“We worked together and got some hats on some celebrities,” recalls Ruby, “but when they asked me to design a collection I said no way. I love a challenge, but I didn’t want to let them down.” 

But then Ruby began to think about all the work she does with teens through her work as a mentor with local organizations FashionART and Pivot: The Art of Fashion and she realized, “I gotta practice what I preach!”

Even though she admits she was “a little scared” she designed her first two hats under the Ashbury hat line – the Maddy and the Bella – which made their debut in Denver at the Western and English Sales Association Market.


Hannah rockin’ the Maddy by Ruby Roxanne Designs

Hannah Watrous couldn’t be happier with Ruby’s designs. “Ruby adds an element of flirty fashion to our leather hats that we haven’t had up to now. If you want to feel luxurious and fabulous and stand out in the crowd then you want to have one of the hats from Ruby’s collection!”

Ruby brings bling, high-fashion, and meticulous attention to detail to her collection and this innate sensibility meshes perfectly with American Hat Makers’ commitment to unique, artisan, best-in-class hats.

Ruby is thrilled to be a part of the American Hat Makers family. “[American Hat Makers] are so amazing to work with,” she says. “They love my work and I love their work and it has just been a blessing!”

According to Hannah, the feeling is mutual. “Ruby is like a sister from another mother.  I absolutely adore her. She has the most giving and generous heart, she’s easy to get along with – we laugh often – and working with her has been a perfect fit for our company.”

Welcome to the American Hat Makers family Ruby Roxanne Designs!