Rick Bays – “Great to see American made products, made right here in Watsonville! Keep up the good work!”

Brian Allen Andrews -“Headn Home hats! These hats are amazing and the family behind them even more so. Handmade locally. Come by The Hat Shop Carmel and check them out sometime”.

Michele Moss — “Visited their new store while on vacation this past week. Great selection of hats and superb customer service”.

Allison Zisko — “Amazing, comfortable, stylish, versatile and unique”.

Steven Bradley Jennings — “The most awesome people and their products are top shelf”.

Jeff Ludy — “Great products. Superb quality. Made in America! ;)”.

“Buying US made products makes me feel like I am supporting our economy. Family owned small businesses are the core of our economy.”

“Only hat’s I’ll ever buy.”

“If I have to chose between American Made and something else, I will choose the American Made.”

“I prefer a USA made product that has quality and customer service.”

“I love the idea that these hats are made from creativity fostered by a loving, healthy family supporting each other through the success of this business! I can feel the “fun” that is happening when these hats are created, too.”

“The more I read about the history of your hats, the more it made me feel like this was the only hat for me.”

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