Do you believe in MAGIC? American Hat Makers does!


Do you believe in MAGIC?

I’m not referring to the David Copperfield kind (although this kind does appear in Las Vegas!)

Nor I am I referring to the pulling a rabbit out of a hat kind (although this kind does involve hats!)

No, I am referring to the amazing, one-of-a-kind fashion tradeshow that takes place in Las Vegas twice a year. With over 60,000 (yes, that is correct: sixty THOUSAND) industry insiders in attendance, MAGIC is the marketplace for all things fashion forward.


If this is the place to be then you know American Hat Makers is there! We are proud to be a part of this huge marketplace for the past several years. It’s one of our favorite places to be! (Well, they all are, but don’t let the secret out!)

MAGIC is truly like nothing else and American Hat Makers is thrilled to be exhibiting in “The Collective” marketplace again this year.

What is “The Collective” you ask? well, according to MAGIConline:

THE COLLECTIVE is the culture of men’s fashion. This platform showcases everything from classic collections to lifestyle-driven and licensed apparel for men and young men. By uniting this community under one roof next to PROJECT, THE COLLECTIVE gives buyers unparalleled access to the rapidly growing men’s and young men’s market.

Come by THE COLLECTIVE and find us:   August 15-17, booth #30038.

This year we will be proudly showcasing both our new hats and our perennial bestsellers as well as celebrating our new Outdoor and Heritage catalogs!


If you’re in Vegas August 15- 17 we’d love to see you – or you can follow the magic on our Facebook page or  Instagram or Twitter!

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Written by Jessica Johnson exclusively for American Hat Makers

American Hat Makers: Heading to Sturgis


American Hat Makers is getting ready for the 76th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota August 8-14.

If you are not familiar with the epic event that Sturgis is, here are some facts from the official Sturgis Motorcyle Rally website:

  • in 2015 there were 739,000 attendees
  • there were over 900 licensed vendors (American Hat Makers has attended Sturgis for the past three years!)
  • 122 marriage licenses were issued. (There must be something about seeing folks in their leathers and on their bikes!)
  • Sturgis has approximately 6,700 residents, but each year the population nearly doubles that of the entire state!
American Hat Makers will be featuring the Voodoo Hatter line come check us out at the corner of Main and Junction!

This year we have more of our unique and eye-catching hats and gear like steampunk goggles, belts, and bags.



Of course,  we will be showcasing our full line of artisan, hand-crafted, Made in the USA hats. 

Come by our booth and say “Hey”, try some lids on, check out our gear, and
find your next favorite hat!  
Don’t be shy, you’re at Sturgis! 
logo visual hats only


Written by Jessica Johnson for American Hat Makers.

On Top of the World at Hat-A-Palooza


Hat-A-Palooza is an annual mixer for the members of The Headwear Association. The Headwear Association (THA) is a 106-year-old association, the oldest in the fashion industry.  They are committed to globally promoting the headwear industry.  Hat-A-Palooza provides a platform to bridge gaps connecting the worlds best hat makers and designers.  This year, American Hat Makers/Head’n Home Hats was invited to attend Hat-A-Palooza III,  at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas !

“It was 118 degrees outside, walking to the car was like bikram yoga, but we made it”, said Garth.  “We are so pleased to be recognized in this elite gathering of like minded individuals.  This event gives us the opportunity to emerge among, and alongside the world’s best hat makers.  It’s wonderful to be recognize.  We’ve been doing hats for 40 years, and now that there is a higher demand for leather, our “cut and sew” method is being recognized.  We’re honored to be contenders in this industry”.

Garth reflects, “We were in the Stratosphere, literally on top of the world, sitting at the ’round table’ with the best of the best, discussing our futures in hat industry. And, we’re having some fun in the process too”.


It was a pleasure to meet Preston Souza, of Liberty Fashion & Lifestyle Fairs. His “fashion forward” approachable style is top notch in sales etiquette, and technique.


Garth Watrous with Joel Johnston of White Wing.

Beth, Amber, Tere & Mark

Beth Watrous with Amber Fekete, Tere Cutler & Monty Goodson of Overland Outfitters.

It’s easy to see why we do this, everyone looks good in a hat.


Garth and Zach Belinski from  Village Hat Shop.

Jerry Stetson

Gerry Miller – Sales Manager, Stetson Hats, and Garth.


Steve Wood with Hattitude, relaxing with Beth.

Hannah and Beth Watrous enjoying the view from the Stratosphere.

Matt Katz – Bollman Hat Co.

Our own Cynthia with James Nelson of Nelson Leather Company, and Beth.

Don Rongioni of Bollman Hat Company, John, Garth and Suzi .

Tour our Facility

We welcome your tour group with a personal touch.

We welcome your tour group with a personal touch.

At Head’n Home Hats/American Hat Makers, we’re proud to be a 100% American made product.  We offer free facility tours, geared to educate, and wow you!  Check out some pictures from a recent tour.

Bruce explains things.

Bruce explains things.

It starts with raw materials

It starts with raw materials.

After choosing the leather, suede, or other materials from our raw materials area,  a pattern will be cut.  Our leather is 100% raised and tanned in America.  Scotchguard is applied and worked into the material during the tanning process, resulting in a water resistant hat right off the rack.  Then we go to assembly. There are several phases to this process.

Watching work in progress.

Pilo talks about banding.

The group is getting into it!

A lot to see.

Visually, you can see we take pride in being an American made product.  The evidence is everywhere.

We encourage questions!

Some hats get added detail. We have a laser engraver that adds depth, enhancing the design beyond accessories or saddle stitching.

Nikki uses her creativity to adorn hats with intricate designs, featuring anything from jellyfish, to skulls, and feathers. That layer of texture is only surpassed by adding some airbrushing for a finished product that really pops. You can see it on the “Opal” and “Deadly Love”.

This is the Double G

Double G, “Opal” designed by Merry-Lee. Laser engraved and airbrushed.   Find it here!

Crowding around the laser engraver, our group can see (and smell) the leather engraver in action. It’s hard to steer folks away from this area, but we must move on.

Laser engraving area.

VooDoo “Deadly Love” designed by Nikki.  Laser engraved and airbrushed.  Find it here!

From here we walk through the Administrative offices for a quick “Hello” from the Wholesale team.  If we’re lucky, Gary Watrous (Founder and President!) is around to say a few words.

Fernando, making magic happen.

Now we’re in shipping. This is not just about sending out packages.The final inspection happens here. Each hat is tagged and shaped to perfection. Fernando is a master at shaping a hat! He demonstrates with certain accuracy and skilled speed. Now the hats can be packed securely and sent out.

The customer is sure to be pleased and delighted!

And now for some fun at the store.

Decisions…   Selfies…   Smiles…


Thank you, Bridges Youth Group!

Call 800-642-3428 to schedule a tour.