Starting 2017 the Right Way with New Hat Styles!

Voodoo Hatter has never had trouble delivering an edge to the top hat world and this time around they have really pulled all stops.
These new Voodoo hats bring this style to life in reimagined ways to accessorize the way you ride, rock, and rebel!

Ashbury hats reinvents past styles with a fresh batch of neutral colors and fierce eye candy as well as adding new unique and standout looks!

American Outback Hats showing consistent strength in creating the perfect hats for durability, comfort, and the free spirited style of any adventurer!

Double G takes a step back from the sleek, refined cowboy look to deliver some new textures and a new style to keep you looking sharp and feeling good!

Keep your eye out for more new designs and styles, we have some very exciting hats in the works!


What Happened at Lone Star Rally 2016!

The 2016 Lone Star Motorcycle Rally was a huge success for American Hat Makers! We always have a blast bringing you the absolute highest quality handmade hats available!  Here is what we saw and who we connected with.


This year, American Hat Makers sponsored the Perewitz Paint Show. Jody Perewitz is the first woman to break 200 miles per hour on an American – made motorcycle, so naturally we at American Hat Makers jumped at the opportunity to get involved with such a genuine badass! We were so happy to have the chance to partner up with Jody and her amazing team. They spent the entire rally promoting us and giving us shout outs on social media. They also put up banners at the Galvez Hotel! Jody was an absolute pleasure to work with, and we’re so glad she’s enjoying her hats and custom key-chains! It was a pleasure working with such great people. Thank you to the Perewitz team!


Jody fell in love with this style, the Skull N’ Roses! Designed by Adam Rose of Fallen Owl Tattoo, its laser engraved and airbrushed crown were right up her alley, and definitely set her apart from the crowd!

This hat is available on our website:


Jody wearing the Boheme hat with Feather band. $167


Jody wore her Player for the entire rally! It must’ve been her favorite!

This hat can be purchased on our website:


Jody & Hannah the Marketing Duo promoting each other throughout the whole Rally!



Dave & Dave hanging up sponsorship banners at the Galvez Hotel.


Chad, the winner of the Best Graphics Award and proud owner of a badass top hat from Voodoo Hatter! The trophy was designed by Fast Life Garage!

VooDoo Hatter. Lone star rally. Galveston. Texas .jpg


Dave Silva & Garth Watrous


Dave wearing the Skull N Roses top hat, which is a rare occasion he doesn’t normally wear hats.

Chopper Master and King of Flames, custom bike genius Dave Perewitz describes the long years, hard work, and unflagging passion that transformed him from a kid with his first motorcycle, a Harley-Davidson Sportster, into a star riding his creations across the television screens of America on Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off. Being able to work with a man who has been a major influence in the custom motorcycle industry for over 30 years offered us a rare look at how a self-taught designer, mechanic, painter, and fabricator managed to build the American dream his own way!


We met and connected with Karl and Jacquie from Progressive Motorcycle had a blast seeing them enjoy the rally with their new hats from American Hat Makers.




Where we sold a ton of hats and connected with our customers. One of our biggest highlights was being well-known in the Motorcycle Industry. Everyone knew who Voodoo Hatter was. “We had so much traction from Social Media to our booth it was a rewarding feeling” says Hannah Watrous Director of Marketing and Branding.  We threw out T- shirts giveaways at shows, Voodoo Hatter was everywhere!



The streets were absolutely lined with top hats! Everybody was lookin’ so stylish!


Everyone that walked into our booth was amazed by all the different hats and the handmade craftsmanship. We are a luxury brand, our hats are a true investment that comes with a lifetime guarantee.




If you want a look that sets you apart from the average person and is handmade in America, We’ve got you covered. Stay tuned for the 2017 new hat styles we are working on.



That’s a wrap for the 2016 Lone Star Motorcycle Rally! See you guys next year! americanhatmakers-voodoo-hatter-galveston-texas-lone-star-rally-24


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Do you believe in MAGIC? American Hat Makers does!


Do you believe in MAGIC?

I’m not referring to the David Copperfield kind (although this kind does appear in Las Vegas!)

Nor I am I referring to the pulling a rabbit out of a hat kind (although this kind does involve hats!)

No, I am referring to the amazing, one-of-a-kind fashion tradeshow that takes place in Las Vegas twice a year. With over 60,000 (yes, that is correct: sixty THOUSAND) industry insiders in attendance, MAGIC is the marketplace for all things fashion forward.


If this is the place to be then you know American Hat Makers is there! We are proud to be a part of this huge marketplace for the past several years. It’s one of our favorite places to be! (Well, they all are, but don’t let the secret out!)

MAGIC is truly like nothing else and American Hat Makers is thrilled to be exhibiting in “The Collective” marketplace again this year.

What is “The Collective” you ask? well, according to MAGIConline:

THE COLLECTIVE is the culture of men’s fashion. This platform showcases everything from classic collections to lifestyle-driven and licensed apparel for men and young men. By uniting this community under one roof next to PROJECT, THE COLLECTIVE gives buyers unparalleled access to the rapidly growing men’s and young men’s market.

Come by THE COLLECTIVE and find us:   August 15-17, booth #30038.

This year we will be proudly showcasing both our new hats and our perennial bestsellers as well as celebrating our new Outdoor and Heritage catalogs!


If you’re in Vegas August 15- 17 we’d love to see you – or you can follow the magic on our Facebook page or  Instagram or Twitter!

logo visual hats only

Written by Jessica Johnson exclusively for American Hat Makers

Take Care of Your Hat: American Hat Makers Shares Hat Care Tips


A great hat may speak for itself ~ but it still needs you to take care of it!

Finding the perfect hat can feel a little like that birthday when you get exactly what you wished for ~ you want to dance about and show it off to everyone!

And right you should, go ahead and show it off! Sport that hat, tip it to strangers, wear it with pride! Your American Hat Makers hat will bring you years and years of joy and happiness – not to mention protection from the sun, rain and wind – especially if you take good care of it.

Here are a few videos to help you do just that – our team has compiled a series of videos to help you clean, pack, shape and even add a chin strap to your  hat.

How to Clean a Suede & Finished Leather Hat:

Here Kameron shares how to do general cleaning of suede and finished leather hats as well as how to get rid of unwanted scuffs and scratches. He also demonstrates the gentle touch required when cleaning our airbrushed and laser etched hats.

How to Pack A Hat:

Watch Kameron demonstrate our hat packing tips! Learn about the hat saving taco move.


How to Maintain Your Hat’s Shape:

Learn our best tips for helping your hat maintain its ideal shape.

How to Shape a Hat:

American Hat Makers founder Gary Watrous demonstrates the best way to shape your leather hats using a simple coffee can. He also shows his favorite techniques for utilizing our wire shaping systems.


Here is another exclusive video of  American Hat Makers founder, Gary Watrous showing you how to attach a chin strap to your mesh hat using a pencil!

How to Add a Chinstrap to a Hat:

Not one to be left out, we have Gary’s son, Garth, demonstrating how just how indestructible our hats really are! You have to see this to believe it!

Our Hats Are Crushable:


If you have any questions please call us – we love to help!



Written by Jessica Johnson exclusively for American Hat Makers.

American Hat Makers: Heading to Sturgis


American Hat Makers is getting ready for the 76th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota August 8-14.

If you are not familiar with the epic event that Sturgis is, here are some facts from the official Sturgis Motorcyle Rally website:

  • in 2015 there were 739,000 attendees
  • there were over 900 licensed vendors (American Hat Makers has attended Sturgis for the past three years!)
  • 122 marriage licenses were issued. (There must be something about seeing folks in their leathers and on their bikes!)
  • Sturgis has approximately 6,700 residents, but each year the population nearly doubles that of the entire state!
American Hat Makers will be featuring the Voodoo Hatter line come check us out at the corner of Main and Junction!

This year we have more of our unique and eye-catching hats and gear like steampunk goggles, belts, and bags.



Of course,  we will be showcasing our full line of artisan, hand-crafted, Made in the USA hats. 

Come by our booth and say “Hey”, try some lids on, check out our gear, and
find your next favorite hat!  
Don’t be shy, you’re at Sturgis! 
logo visual hats only


Written by Jessica Johnson for American Hat Makers.

10 Days, 2000 Hats – Sturgis 2015

Garth Watrous sums it up, “Our Voodoo Hatter brand is spreading like wildfire! We are now the official hat in the motorcycle industry. We’re always looking for new partnerships with the leaders in the industry, like Indian Motorcycles, and Harley Davidson. This kind of event put us in an optimal position for exposure, and our customers love our hats”.


Hat shipment ready to go.

Selling 2000 hats in 10 days requires some preparation. Bikers were pouring in days before the official event began and we were ready. We cranked up production a month in advance, fabricating (by hand) over a thousand hats in addition to our usual customer orders. Those hats were packed on pallets and strategically shipped to our booth in two separate shipments. Our goal to make supply meet demand is our highest priority.

Here we are on Main and Junction.

VooDoo Hatter headquarters was located at the corner of Main Street and Junction Avenue, in front of JJ Davenport’s restaurant, and close to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame.

This is a prime location on the main drag!

Diego En Fuego Gomes on stage with his band at the “Buffalo Chip”.

Kommando Kilts

It’s such a good feeling to get product recognition from people who are at the top of their trade”, says Garth. “I actually had the honor of signing an autograph for being the Owner of VooDoo Hatter. It really makes us feel good about our hats”.

Tommy Shaw of “Styx” gives his approval.

Dallas Hageman at Wild Ride Radio loves his VooDoo Topper.

We go to Sturgis with the goal of becoming the #1 hat maker in the industry. Next year, VooDoo Hatter will be in the same location, and we’re bringing it! We’ll have new hat designs and of course plenty of the old school classics.

We want to thank our customers, and give heartfelt high fives to everyone who participated in making this event a success. Here are some of our favorites.  For more pictures Click here.


Voodoo Hatter Blows into Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2014

VoodooHatter is stoked to participate for the first time at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (the largest in the world!) in South Dakota from 29 July – 10 August. We are going to join over 400,000 motorcycle lovers and show them how awesome our leather hats are.


We’ll be offering all our brands — Voodoo Hatter, Steampunk Hatter, Ashbury Hats, SolAir Hats and Double G Hats – whatever mood you are in, we have a hat for that!

Hat Highlights:
We are super excited to showcase our Voodoo Vented Top Hat and Flame Top Hat – come on down and get your pic taken with these hot hats!
photo 1
Lucky attendees will also get to preview FIVE new hats from our extensive collection of handmade leather toppers.
We’ll also have leather keychains and Voodoo Hatter tshirts – deck yourself out in style.

Whether you are wanting to get married (our Steampunk Hatter Havisham is perfect for the blushing bride — our Voodoo Hatter Topper would be fly for a groom), or just want to look cool on your ride, visit us at the corner of Main and Junction – 29 July to 11 Aug.
photo 2
AND…we are giving away a FREE hat, too! Like Voodoo Hatter on Facebook, Twitter or Instragram, tag a photo of yourself – use the hashtags #1800NiceHat and #VoodooHatter. Double points if you get Jesse James or Lance Armstrong in the photo – TRIPLE if they are wearing an American Hat Makers hat!

Away we go!

Voodoo Hatter Sponsors Hollister Bike Rally 4th of July Weekend

This weekend, Voodoo Hatter is one of the major sponsors at California’s largest Motorcycle event, the Hollister Bike Rally.

The FREE Motorcycle and Music Street Festival is held downtown, July 4 – 6th, in Hollister, the birthplace of the American Biker.

This is the 2nd bike rally that Voodoo Hatter has attended (we made a splash at the Laughlin River Run earlier this year) and our first major sponsorship. We are excited to debut some of our 2015 hats and are offering FREE shipping for any hat purchased at the rally.

We’ll have Hollister Rally exclusive patches on some of our hats – plus packable, waterproof hats – perfect for a bike sidebag.

photo 1

According to Yauni Smith, Voodoo Hatter’s Brand Ambassador, “we are excited about being at the heart of this local event especially since our hats are handmade in the Watsonville area – so close.”

She’s says “the crowds love our hats – the variety, quality, craftsmanship and the unique styles. They know they are getting a locally, well-made hat.”

Smith especially likes the new vented top hats (for all the hot heads!). “When someone wears a Voodoo Hatter, they get attention.”

As for Smith, she’ll be wearing her Stoker and Jerry, a possible new hat with laser-engraved flash tattoo design.

photo 2

Visit us at the corner of San Benito and 6th Street, near the Heavenly Bakery and next to the Ford booth. We’ll be holding raffles all weekend and giving away branded keychains with each purchase.

Voodoo Hatter is one of the brands from American Hat Makers and Head’n Home – a family-owned and operated premier cut and sew hat making company founded in 1978 by Gary Watrous. All of American Hat Makers headwear are guaranteed for life, custom fitted and handmade in Watsonville, California using the finest American leather and materials. Their men’s and women’s hats are renowned for their unsurpassed quality, attention to detail, and unique designs.

To view all our American made hats, visit