Designed Exclusively with You

If you’re wondering if we do private label manufacturing, the answer is YES. That is what our American Hat Manufacturer division is all about!

Our company has nearly 40 years of manufacturing experience and we believe that ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ stands for superior quality in materials and workmanship. All of our products are made to order, by hand, in our facility in Freedom, California. Being located in the Central Coast of California allows us to achieve a level of quality control that surpasses any of the offshore manufacturers. When making your products, we use the same materials that we put into our own. We stand confidently behind our Lifetime Guarantee- and you can too.

Being more than just manufacturers, we expect our partners to come into our shop and co-create the designs they are proud to put their name on.
They work directly with our principal designers; owner Gary Watrous, and his son and partner Garth. Our hands-on, upfront approach makes for life long, frictionless partnerships.

Our company progressively focuses on meeting your production needs. In other words, you can order in quantities that benefit your business. Over the last four decades, we have thoughtfully developed the methods in which we manufacture our hats. The repercussion is a cost-effective process that delivers products withholding our signature, handmade artisan character. As artists ourselves, we understand and respect your aesthetics and brand image. Therefore, it is our aim to correlate your company’s image into the products we make for you.

As American Hat Manufacturers, we deliver private label solutions for astute, creative companies that believe in American-made, quality products.

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