On Top of the World at Hat-A-Palooza


Hat-A-Palooza is an annual mixer for the members of The Headwear Association. The Headwear Association (THA) is a 106-year-old association, the oldest in the fashion industry.  They are committed to globally promoting the headwear industry.  Hat-A-Palooza provides a platform to bridge gaps connecting the worlds best hat makers and designers.  This year, American Hat Makers/Head’n Home Hats was invited to attend Hat-A-Palooza III,  at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas !

“It was 118 degrees outside, walking to the car was like bikram yoga, but we made it”, said Garth.  “We are so pleased to be recognized in this elite gathering of like minded individuals.  This event gives us the opportunity to emerge among, and alongside the world’s best hat makers.  It’s wonderful to be recognize.  We’ve been doing hats for 40 years, and now that there is a higher demand for leather, our “cut and sew” method is being recognized.  We’re honored to be contenders in this industry”.

Garth reflects, “We were in the Stratosphere, literally on top of the world, sitting at the ’round table’ with the best of the best, discussing our futures in hat industry. And, we’re having some fun in the process too”.


It was a pleasure to meet Preston Souza, of Liberty Fashion & Lifestyle Fairs. His “fashion forward” approachable style is top notch in sales etiquette, and technique.


Garth Watrous with Joel Johnston of White Wing.

Beth, Amber, Tere & Mark

Beth Watrous with Amber Fekete, Tere Cutler & Monty Goodson of Overland Outfitters.

It’s easy to see why we do this, everyone looks good in a hat.


Garth and Zach Belinski from  Village Hat Shop.

Jerry Stetson

Gerry Miller – Sales Manager, Stetson Hats, and Garth.


Steve Wood with Hattitude, relaxing with Beth.

Hannah and Beth Watrous enjoying the view from the Stratosphere.

Matt Katz – Bollman Hat Co.

Our own Cynthia with James Nelson of Nelson Leather Company, and Beth.

Don Rongioni of Bollman Hat Company, John, Garth and Suzi .

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