The Myth of Finding the Perfect Hat

Just as the shopkeeper told Harry Potter, “The wand chooses the wizard…” so does the hat choose you!

It is not an unusual occurrence that someone will come into the shop and say they are “just looking” and don’t want our help. But they go on to try on hat after hat, looking for the “right one” while our sales person is standing by, hat in hand, waiting patiently.

You see, our sales people are trained hat whisperers, and they know how to listen. They can see the customer’s energy and can listen to which hat is calling to them.


Beth Watrous helping customers pick their perfect hat.

Our sales people may ask you a few questions to help narrow your options, such as:

  • Is this hat for everyday wear or a special occasion?
  • What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Meanwhile, they are checking out your vibe, your style – do you seem to like attention, want to me noticed? Or perhaps you are more subtle, want to hang back a bit?

No matter what your style, from Steampunk to Outback, we have got your topper!

There is an art to picking the right hat – one that creates symmetry and brings balance to your face.

The right hat complements the features you have, accentuating the positive and creating harmony.


Jamie Foxx and his daughter Annalise Bishop wearing the Wisdom

If you have a round face, a flat bill may make your face look rounder, so you may want to avoid that style. Tilt your hat back a bit, if it is tilted forward your face may look shorter.


Madison Hu wearing a Summit 

If your face is longer, pick a hat that will shorten the appearance of your face. Perhaps a Fedora, jauntily tilted to the side?


Drake Bell wearing the Summit

If you are like me and have a square face, well then, that wide brim might be calling to you. Pick a hat with some curve to it to soften the hard angles.


Brando Eaton wearing a Cyclone

The right hat can make all the difference – it can bring you to the forefront or give you a quiet confidence.


It can also transport you to another realm completely, so tread carefully, and trust the hat!

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As the world’s leading luxury boutique hat brand for over 40 years

American Hat Makers prides itself on creating handmade American products.

We are THE Premiere cut and sew facility in the world.



Written for American Hat Makers By Jessica Johnson

Jamie Foxx



We have covered so many celebrity heads and Jamie Foxx was an amazing addition to our list. We met him at the GBK Gifting Suite: Oscars held at the London Hotel West Hollywood at Beverly Hills. It was a amazing having him walk down the wall with excitement and say “Ohh look at the hats!”

Jamie Foxx Summit Ashbury Hats American Hat Makers

He came into our booth with his daughter, Annalise Bishop. Annalise fell in love with the Wisdom hat, designed by Adam Rose for American Hat Makers. Soon Jamie had a matching Wisdom hat on and he started flapping his arms like he was an owl. He was so thrilled and had a ginormous smile on his face.

Jamie Foxx American Hat Makers Wisdom Hat Annalise Bishop

Then he started trying on different hats and with each hat he portrayed a different personality and pose. We where so honored to witness his excitement for our hats. “What great product!, I love these hats!, their amazing!”.

Jamie Foxx - Bromley - American Hat Makers

Jamie left with a Summit hat. Annalise left our booth with a Wisdom hat that she didn’t take off the whole night.

Jamie Fox with Daughter Annalise Bishop wearing Wisdom hat by American Hat Makers

The Wisdom Hat that Annalise took home and Jamie tried on is not just an Owl Hat. Designed by Adam Rose owner of Fallen Owl Tattoo Studio in Denver here is the story behind the “Wisdom” or as most call it the “Owl Hat”.

American Hat Makers continue to push creativity and design in the world of hat making. It’s a joint collaboration from their exceptional team to create/sew/assemble that has been etched by designer Adam Rose. The Team then cuts leather and sews into a top hat, then airbrushed on leather, laser engrave owl face, assembles eyes/eyelids and feathers to create a masterpiece called the “Wisdom” Owl Hat.

In 2015, American Hat Makers partnered with tattoo artist, Adam Rose. As artist and owner of Fallen Owl Tattoo Studio in Denver all hats in Adam Rose’s line are directly inspired by his tattoos and artwork. Public response to Rose’s initial release was immensely positive and we couldn’t be happier with the results. All hats in Adam’s line are 100% American made, hand painted, and laser etched with the highest quality materials available.

American Hat Makers agreed that for every owl hat sold ( ‘Wisdom’ ), $5.00 will be donated to a charity of Adam’s choice. Nature’s Educators has been another amazing charity cares for and educates the public with non releasable birds of prey. For Fallen Owl it was a perfect fit.

American Hat Makers ships worldwide. To preview the full line go to  To see more of Adam Rose’s work and inspiration go to

We where so happy to see Jamie and Annalise be so excited for our new Wisdom hat. For us it’s always exciting to see a hat lover be so excited about our hats, especially if it’s Jamie Fox.

Jamie Foxx American Hat Makers unconditional love-The American Hat Makers Teamconcho