Rigoberto Arenas: May Employee of the Month

American Hat Makers is dedicated to honoring those who work with us – we know we wouldn’t be nearly as successful as we are without our valued team members. Because each of our employees is so important to us, we honor one special employee each month.
Even though we are a little behind, please join us as we celebrate our
May Employee of the Month:
Rigoberto Arenas

Rigo, as he is known at American Hat Makers, was born on July 19th in “the best town in the world,” El Potrero in Guanajuato, Mexico. He remembers his hometown fondly and says it was “surrounded by cows, goats, dogs, chickens, horses…oh and rats!”

Rigo is married to “the prettiest girl in the world,” Lupita, and together they have two children, 4 year old Alexa and 2 year old Hendrix. He loves to spend time with his family playing in the park and making music with his kids. Rigo shares that Alexa loves to sing and Hendrix plays the drums!

You might guess that with a son named Hendrix (like legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix) that Rigo is a music fan. You would be right! Even more than a fan, Rigo is a musician!


Rigo and his bandmates!


Rigo and his Band Playing at Planet Gemini

In his three and a half years with American Hat Makers working in the trimming department, adding trim and wire to all our hats, Rigo has earned a reputation as a hard worker who is always willing to step up and loves to learn new things.

Director of Global Marketing for American Hat Makers,  Hannah Watrous, says, “Rigo is a friendly face who loves to sing while working 🙂 He is very approachable and is always willing to dress for all our crazy theme parties! We love when he brings his beautiful family to our company events.”

Please join us as we thank and honor our

May Employee of the Month Rigo Arenas!

Thank you for all the music and joy you and your family bring to

American Hat Makers!



Employee of the Month: Silvia Lobato

American Hat Makers is dedicated to honoring those who work with us – we know we wouldn’t be nearly as successful as we are without our team members.

Because each of our employees is so important to us we honor one employee each month. Even though we are a little tardy, please join us in celebrating our April Employee of the Month: Silvia Lobato!

unnamed (1)

Silvia has been working for American Hat Makers for 2 years.  She works in production sewing hat crowns and does fantastic, consistent, high-quality work.

Born in a small village in Michoacán, Mexico on September 30th (that makes her a Libra!) Silvia is married and has 4 children – 2 sons and 2 daughters. Her children have blessed her with 2 grandchildren who are the light of her life! (Well, other than working at American Hat Makers, of course!)

Silvia enjoys spending time at home, BBQing, watching movies, and enjoying time with her family. She told us two of her favorite things to do are eat – and sleep!

When asked what makes Silvia south an outstanding part of the American Hat Makers’ family, Hannah Watrous said, “She’s a team player, always willing to go the extra mile – whether it’s making flower bouquets or working Saturdays in a crunch time.  We are so grateful to have her!”

Great job Silvia! 


American Hat Makers in the Community: Headwear for the Homeless

At American Hat Makers we are dedicated to operating our business with the same level of integrity and compassion that we strive to bring to our day to day lives. We treat each and every team member as though they were family, for indeed, they are.


Our dedication to sustainable and compassionate business practices extends far beyond the walls of our Watsonville warehouse. We believe in supporting the organizations that support our local community and are always willing to contribute high-quality donations for local events such as prizes or silent auctions for non-profit organizations.


One of our most fulfilling  campaigns is Headwear for the Homeless. Last winter we teamed up with The Headwear Association for the Eighth Annual Headwear for the Homeless Hat Giveaway.

American Hat Makers- giving away- hats- to the Homeless2015-Leilani Alvarez-Bertollini- Garth and Hannah Watrous (2)

In conjunction with the Bollman Hat Company, Magid Hats, and Dorfman Pacific we distributed more than 5,000 free winter hats from New York City to Santa Cruz.

“We gave at least 200 beanies away at the homeless shelter. Afterwards we walked the streets and passed out free hats to anyone we thought may be cold. It was a great experience. The event was truly amazing to be a part of, and teaching our daughters about local philanthropy has been priceless,” recalls Hannah Watrous, Director of Global Marketing for American Hat Makers.

Hannah Watrous is a driving force behind American Hat Makers’ charitable and philanthropic giving. With a background and degree in Addiction Counseling, she brings a compassionate and insightful mindset to the business. Hannah’s open heart and dedication to service contribute to the giving culture at American Hat Makers. She is a tremendous role model.

American Hat Makers- giving away- hats- to the Homeless2015-Leilani Alvarez-Bertollini- Garth and Hannah Watrous (10)

We are honored and pleased to be able to help others and support the residents, schools and other organizations doing good work in Santa Cruz County. We are truly grateful to be a part of this thriving and caring community!



“Keeping it Weird”

conchoCore Values, #7:  Happy/Weird – Being comfortable in the work environment, as well as having fun, has helped us be our most productive selves here at Head’n Home. We’re a bit weird here at Head’n Home Hats, but in the end we always end up with an extraordinary product that is beyond our expectations.

The Zappos Experience

Recognizing a need to establish a group dynamic that would stand the test of time,  we flew our team to  Zappo’s to experience their company culture.   We collected and applied ideas, and we continue to add our own sense of style.  Making hats is a collaborative team effort.  Without exception, each and every team member is treated with respect, and provided with quality materials, and the necessary tools to create their masterpiece.   All work stations are designed to be comfortable and efficient, but that’s not a reason to take ourselves too seriously.

Let’s get weird!  Our Company culture promotes a “Keeping it Weird” campaign, keeping things light and fun.

Garth eats cake

Garth’s cake eating etiquette is on point!

At Head’n Home Hats/American Hat Makers, our Keeping it Weird Committee plans monthly themed luncheons, including recognition for outstanding team members, and odd games.   We are a celebratory group, celebrating any holiday (standard calendar holiday’s or fictitious ones).

StPatricks and Easter2

St. Patrick’s Day and Easter

Crazy Hair Day

The Keeping it Weird Committee is not alone in bringing good times to the workplace.   The staff  are full of surprises at every administrative level, keeping things light.  We’re making hats, not performing open heart surgery.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk“One day Garth called everything to a halt, loaded us up in cars, and we went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  We rode the Giant Dipper a couple of times and came back to work”, said Retail Associate, Bruce Driggs. “It was awesome.”

Our festivities feature themes, and raffle prizes.


100.00 Winner!

Crazy Hat day

Crazy Hat Day

Pajama Day

Pajama Day


Lunchtime Foosball

We’re big on high fives, and incurably competitive.  In the heart of our facility, you’ll find the employee lounge.  Foosball, air hockey, hoops, recliner chairs and plenty of friendly competition.

This kind of company culture is what makes the staff want to be here, working and playing in this  fun environment, and giving their best talent back.

We’re proud to be making an American made product.  We make it, we wear it, and we keep it weird.

the team 2015 crazy hat day

The Team