Sizing Your Head: Find the Perfect Fit!

Here at American Hat Makers, no head is too big! We offer a variety of sizes that guarantee we have a hat that will fit you. Finding the size that’s right for you is such an important part of getting a comfortable hat. Follow these directions and you’ll have an accurate measurement of the circumference of your head!


What you’ll need is a 3-foot length of ribbon or string, and a standard tape measure. First, take the length of ribbon and place it an 1/8 inch above your ear.


Next, bring the other end of the ribbon around your head until the two ends touch. Grab where the ribbon measurement ends, and get your tape measure.


Lastly, find a table where you can lay down the ribbon and measure the length. The length of the ribbon will tell you the circumference of your head, making it easier to narrow down a comfortable size!


That’s all there is to it!







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