The Hats for Adventurers! “American Outback Hats”

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Step up and stride out into the American Outback. Inspired by the Aussie icon, these hats are tough, good-looking, everyday work and recreation gear. These durable beauties are in their element when you’re riding the range, hiking to Machu Picchu or sitting around the campfire. The crushable styles pack easily and gain more character every time you put them on. Look your best grilling at a BBQ, exploring the county fair or shopping the farmer’s market. Everywhere you work and play in the USA, you’re in the American Outback.

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Durable and practical, American Outback hats offer great-looking protection – rain or shine. Soft, durable, surprisingly lightweight 50+ UPF rated leather blocks 100% of the sun’s rays and holds up in the rain as well. From oiled leather, to smooth finish full-grain leather and suede, this is the hat to have when the weather could turn from sunny to stormy and back again.


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Coast to Coast

Rosemary & Don Nelson (Happy Customers)

“We just returned from a month plus trip to France and then we did the Coast to Coast in England where we walked over 200 miles across the country in 18 days. Not bad for a couple of seniors! Last year we hiked in Patagonia and then New Zealand and your hats go every where with us. They are a couple of years old now, but we still love them.”

– Rosemary & Don Nelson
Parksville, B.C. Canada

Coast to Coast - England

Satisfied customer, Don Nelson


Nizar Ibrahim a vertebrate paleontologist and comparative anatomist featured on the National Geographic Channel


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Anthony Anderson wearing a Crusher

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Gilles Marini wearing a Crusher

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A hard-working hat with Outback style. The durable Bravo is soft and flexible enough to handle crushing and abuse while maintaining its custom shape. The full grain, smooth finished distressed cowhide is complemented by an edge braided band and brim trim for a great looking finish. A hat you can wear all day, everyday. (3 colors available)


The Crusher does what a hat is supposed to do and looks good doing it. Outback style, super lightweight, oiled leather survives packing like no hat we have ever made. Fold it up, beat it up, stuff it in a pocket, head into a storm. This hat bounces back and looks great no matter the abuse. The more you do it, the more character you give it. Don’t Worry, Just Wear It. (4 colors available)

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