Capitola Hat Day in the Sun 2014 – Review from American Hat Makers

What a day for hats!


American Hat Makers and Head’n Home celebrated national “Hat Day in the Sun” on June 19th in Capitola Village by giving out 400 hats to raise awareness for skin cancer and the importance of protecting your skin.

We were part of a national public awareness campaign from The Headwear Association – the largest and most prestigious hat organization. We were grateful that Dorfman Pacific in Stockton donated hats so we could give out so many to our local community.

And we gave out 400 hats! The line was nearly down to Zelda’s Resturant at one point — and there were 70 people in line by 1:30p.

According to Hannah Watrous, VP of Marketing and Branding for American Hat Makers (and organizer of the event), “It wasn’t about giving away free hats. It was about educating our kids about the dangers of skin cancer– really relevant in a beach community.”

The true meaning of this event became apparent and so important once we started hearing stories people shared about their own experiences with skin cancer – from a husband who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for skin cancer (he did receive a hat!) to someone showing us her melanoma scars. We couldn’t be more grateful to be able to share our hats with the local community.


Hannah was overjoyed “hearing the different stories of the survivors…it was priceless!”

We even met visitors from San Jose who are now enjoying our hats.

The Jr. Guards supported our event, too – since Hannah’s daughter is part of the team, “I still receive appreciation from not only the parents of the guards but the children/teenagers genuinely appreciate their Sun Hat!

I can’t wait until next year!!”

Neither can we.

Here’s some of our Press from the event:

We made the front page of the local section in the Santa Cruz Sectional:

We also received generous coverage here, too – thanks to everyone!–free-hats-in-capitola-village…


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