Step by step tour through LASER ENGRAVING!

The Draco is a top seller in the Steampunk Hatter brand and it’s easy to see why!
With beautiful engraved detailing and shading matched with luminous airbrushed colors the Draco stands out and is a perfect example of what makes our laser engraving process so important, which is why it will be the design we follow through the process today!


Step 1, Original Drawing:
Sketch out your original design onto paper the size of the hat crown this will insure that none of the design will be cut off in the finished product. Once you have a design you are happy with, the design gets inked in with a fine tip black pen and the remaining pencil marks get erased.

Step 2, Computer Editing:
The completed ink drawing is scanned into the computer and opened in the editing program, Corel Draw. There, the design is cleaned up and modified to be read by the laser engraver.

Step 3, Parts:
What kind of leather will the design be printed on? Every kind of leather engraves and cuts differently, so it is important to test on scraps. Have parts dye cut out of the desired leather to engrave on.

Step 4, Airbrushing:
Not all of our laser engraved hats get airbrushed but the majority do. When the parts are airbrushed it makes the contrast and pop more than a hat without it. Airbrushing also gives us colors we never had the ability to create before. Some hats have up to 6 different colors and many airbrushed hats have custom templates to help the airbrushing be more precise.

Step 5, Engraving:
Now that you have all of the parts and the design ready in the computer, you are ready to print. All of the speed and power settings are programmed in the Corel Draw and then sent to the laser engraver. Line up your parts in the machine, press print and watch the magic happen!

Step 6, Production:
Last but not least, all of the finished parts are sewn together into a one of a kind, handmade hat!

draco-steampunk-dragon-backgroundThe Draco
“How sharper than a serpent’s tooth…?” From the depths of time itself comes an all-leather masterpiece of fierce design and regal pedigree. Our Draco asks nothing more from its wearer than 100% boldness, as that’s what it presents to the world. Hand-worked dragon-scale pattern, scalloped leather band, powerful wing accent and serpentine eye all come together to speak of battles yet to win and skies to seek aloft. Available in black and brown, to match almost any mood, the Draco is a solid beauty. Water-treated, like our other offerings; however the wing itself holds its shape best when kept as dry as the dragon’s breath. Buy the Draco today, wear it to your next gathering, and utter not a sound. Let this beauty do the roaring for you.


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