Photographer Spotlight – Neil Simmons

Neil Simmons is a photographer with a flair for life that shows up in his work. With a background in both business and photography (as a double-major at San Jose State University), fueled by a true affinity for the art of making pictures, Simmons exemplifies what it means to be a risen star in the field of professional photography. Raised in Santa Cruz County, Simmons lives close to many of his favorite photogenic spots, but he also makes a point of traveling to study other parts of California and the West, enjoying the challenge of getting the shots he wants while on the road. The world around him, shimmering and rippling with ever-changing light, provides Simmons with the materials he needs to be inspired and productive. An avid surfer and snowboarder, Simmons enjoys being out in natural settings sharing the activities he loves most with his wife and two children.


We at American Hat Makers have had the pleasure and privilege to work with local photographer, Neil Simmons for around 2 years and we could not be happier with not only the quality of his work but the positive and productive attitude he brings to every photo shoot.

Neil shows skill and experience in being able to always get the best out of his models, another challenge to any photo shoot, but it hardly seems like a challenge when Neil is consistently capturing beautiful locations without taking attention from the models who always look and embody the genuine feeling of the picture for a perfect balance in every image.
Neil is known for his eye, if you are planning on doing a shoot with Neil be on your toes when it comes to location! Neil’s artistic edge kicks in when it comes to finding every possible shot for the most variety possible in every location and trust us, you won’t be disappointed with the results!
Neil’s hard work has paid off bringing a new sense of life to the American Hat Maker brands, giving a clear division of the brands using specific setting and mood in a way we didn’t think was possible, so thank you Neil for these years together and we hope to continue growing together for more years to come!



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