Zumba Fitness – American Hat Makers

With the struggle of working in the office and not getting enough time out of the day to have a good workout, we thought it would be a great idea to offer Zumba Fitness at Head’N Home! We hired Gina Garcia, an amazing Zumba instructor, to come in for an hour and lead our staff through a high intensity Zumba workout. The staff had tons of fun, it was hilarious seeing everyone “get down” to Latin Zumba songs and it was such a great workout.

If you haven’t heard already, Head’N Home is “Getting Fit 2015.” Almost the entire staff weighed in 2 weeks ago for a contest to see who can get fit the fastest. It will last a duration of 3 months, and each staff member has already made an effort to exercise and eat clean. Zumba was a perfect way to get everyone pumped about getting fit, and we can’t wait to see the results! Stay tuned for more fun videos about Head’N Home and their efforts to get fit along with seeing who wins the “Get Fit” contest in 3 months.

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