Steampunk Hatter

Victorian grace collides with Sci-Fi in these retro-future Steampunk hats made for your inner mad-hatter. Hailing from the San Francisco bay area, the birthplace of Steampunk, our creative designs flow with authenticity. Truly inspired by vintage designs and incomparable craftsmanship, these are the most transformative Steampunk hats out there.

It is so amazing to see the growth and revolution of our Steampunk Hatter line. They have become such desirable masterpieces, and every day we receive accolades on the incredible durability and originality of our designs. Our Steampunk hats will instantly take you back to the 19th century world of dark elegance. Check out our full line of hats for yourself and find one that brings out your inner mad-hatter.

american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-absinthe-black-victoria-band-f (72ppi)steampunk-hatter-absinthe-on-model_MG_1006

The Absinthe is a stove-piping topper that gives an eccentric touch to a fearless wardrobe. Handcrafted from the finest American leathers with a uniquely exotic design, the Absinthe is meant for those who withhold an extremely bold personality.

american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-cirq-black-frame-band-a       american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-cirq-brown-frame-band-f

The Cirq is a lightly striped, laser-etched hat with incredibly sophistication. Its hand-tooled, custom hardware on the band brings out the faint color of the crown and makes this hat an exclusive piece of art; perfect for those Steampunk circus masters.

american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-coachman-black-lt-band-a american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-coachman-brown-lt-band-a

The Coachman topper features a wickedly exaggerated flare and a nearly formal look and feel. Accented with a leather-trim band and finished with a feather, this is truly a hat for any punk occasion. Upscale and customize your Coachman by adding from our collection of hatbands.


The Curio is a true stunner. With a curious curl pattern across the crown and beautiful hand-stained gradient throughout, every piece is totally unique. It is finished with an antique clock gear secured with an antiqued brass chain.

american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-danbury-black-whipstitch-band-a american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-danbury-port-whipstitch-band-f

The Danbury is a felt/leather hybrid, which makes for a very light and elegant piece of headwear. Its round crown and low brim give off a very classy edge. Worn best in fancy settings that will turn heads without a doubt, you can still throw on this hat to upscale a very casual wardrobe.

american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-derringer-black-a american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-derringer-black-a3

The pistol may be a replica, but the flat-out, wild-west, gunslinger coolness is 100% real! The Derringer offers up quick-draw slickness with a snap-top, riveted holster that sports a two-toned, airbrushed design. The band is accented with a pair of reproduction bullets and a small bottle for elixirs or potions. A card-player’s dream, THE DERRINGER shoots for style and hits the bullseye.

american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-draco-black-scale-band-fSteampunk-hatter-draco american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-draco-brown-scale-band-a2

From the depths of time itself comes an all-leather masterpiece of fierce design and regal pedigree. Our Draco asks nothing more from its wearer than 100% boldness, as that’s what it presents to the world. Hand-worked dragon-scale pattern, scalloped leather band, powerful wing accent and serpentine eye all come together to speak of battles yet to win and skies to seek aloft. Available in black and brown, to match almost any mood, the Draco is a solid beauty. Water-treated, like our other offerings; however the wing itself holds its shape best when kept as dry as the dragon’s breath. Buy the Draco today, wear it to your next gathering, and utter not a sound. Let this beauty do the roaring for you.


Bring out the Evil Within with this airbrushed, laser engraved beauty. Its sharp polished claws are strikingly magnificent through the black finished leather. Durable and always in style, this hat will last you a lifetime.

american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-hatlas-black-compass-band-a steampunk-hatlas-compass-band-top-hat The airbrushed/laser engraved hAtlas is truly a one-of-a-kind beauty. With the shape and length of a 19th century topper and the intricate detailing of an actual atlas, you will never find yourself lost in this one.

american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-havisham-black-white-lace-f  american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-havisham-brown-burgundy-f american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-havisham-brown-white-lace-a2

How many moods do you have? Satisfy each one with the Havisham; a laced and leather topper with enough elegance to turn heads at the dance, while maintaining just the right hint of danger and mystery. In three (or perhaps more) striking color combinations, THE HAVISHAM is decked with lace, handworked leather, velvet and a curiously beautiful accent piece front and center. The corseted side panel allows a wonderful glimpse of what lies underneath and about the top of your hat. Calling attention to oneself is not a character flaw. On the contrary; it is absolutely required; especially when adorned with a majestic piece like THE HAVISHAM.

american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-julep-cherry-aamerican-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-julep-grape-f  american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-julep-licorice-a american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-julep-mint-a

The Julep is a fabric and suede hat that drops jaws everywhere you take it. It features gorgeous velvet, luscious striped fabric, antiqued brass buttons, a twisted cord band, and is finished with a white peacock eye. With a chopped crown and short brim, it’s perfect for people looking for a smaller profile.

american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-kraken-black-eye-band-f steampunk-black-leather-top-hat-krakenamerican-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-kraken-brown-eye-band-f

From the depths of the seas and hearts of Steampunk lovers everywhere comes The Kraken. The airbrushed artwork covers a full three-quarters of the crown, while a beveled hatband rises ominously to reveal the eye of the beast itself. Our best-selling new hat, the Kraken offers old world elegance, mid-crown suave and a hint of danger lurking just beneath the surface.

american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-marlow-brown-nocturn-band-fThe underestimated yet timeless Marlow features the smallest brim and crown of any top hat that we make. With an intricately detailed Nocturn band, this hat will elegantly guide you through the night where you’ll find the most mysterious, sophisticated, and dangerous creatures.

american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-parlor-silver-f Parlor-brown-steampunk-leather-top-hat-model

The Parlor is an indestructible piece of art that is elegantly simplistic. With a silver laser engraved and airbrushed crown, the Parlor creates a perfect blend of bold and grace. This hat can dress-up or dress-down any style.


Made of full grain leather and exposed stitching, this dashing Peacekeeper has a breathtaking design. The replica of two removable handguns from the 1800’s and a miniature polished buckle along the crown will completely blow you away. And for the final touch, our bullet band will keep the people around you always on their toes.


Recall the days of the gasworks with this amazing top hat. Our Pipefitter is copper, leather and Industrial Revolution madness with dials, coils and enough Jules Verne style to make any 19th Century aficionado happy. Be the king of steam and stove with pipes and prestige. You can’t help but get recognition in this gem!

american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-pistol-brown-garter-band-a steampunk-pistol-garter-band-leather-pecan-top-hat

There’s no hiding the bold statement made by the Pistol. A replica firearm sits snugly inside and snap-side, riveted holster with its barrel pointed in an ever-so-cavalier direction. Leather and lace make this the perfect choice for the lady Steampunker who can take care of herself. A laser-etched band and upturned brim finish a look that says, “I’m ready for adventure.”


Milky, luscious, and smooth with handcrafted buttons and an array of colors, the Spat-in-the-hat is a work of art. With thin brims and stylish shaping this hat is sharp and daring.


When it comes to clockwork precision, the Sprocket is spot on. Laser-cut leather and engraving with an airbrushed design add elegance, style and mechanical beauty to this topper. Accented with a dual-colored, beveled-edge band and gear concho, this hat is perfect for Steampunk events, cosplay or simply topping off that weekend outfit.

american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-strut-black-peacock-band-a american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-strut-copper-peacock-band-a

Add elegance to your morning walk with the Strut; A low profile topper that has high-profile appeal. The beautifully two-toned leather is laser-etched, and is paired with a flowing peacock feather accent. Hand-crafted style is yours in this classic piece of headwear with a sense of the ethereal.

american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-time-port-brown-kitchen sink-band-fsteampunk-timeport-top-hat-clockamerican-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-time-port-brown-kitchen sink-band-s

Control time (at least in your wondrous imagination) with a mid-crown top hat we call the Time Port. In inky black or dusky brown leather, the Time Port is fully-equipped for any and all situations the discerning, yet adventurous time-traveler may face. The bullet-belted, hand-tooled band holds six cartridges, two elixir bottles, and the key to your time machine. While the side of the hat is adorned with your favorite timepiece that wraps its fob-chain around the crown so as not to get lost in the vortex. Like it even could! The watch itself is held in place by a riveted ‘time holster,’ with a generous cut-out so you and your companions will always know just what time it is. And what time is that? Time to purchase THE TIME PORT and add it to your wardrobe!


Function in fashion. The Trinket features an ageless timepiece with visible movement & a monocle for reading the evening Gazette. The Ammo headband completes the package.

american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-vested-black-red-a american-hat-makers-steampunk-hatter-vested-brown-f

The Vested topper features a clever hat “vest” complete with corseting, decorative stitching, grommets, and a functional pocket! This hat dresses down to a traditional topper with the removal of the vest. Traditional brown integrates nicely with any wardrobe, while the red and black combination is a real standout.

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