American Idol Finale – American Hat Makers



After the fifteenth season American Idol is sadly over! We wanted to take a walk down memory lane, and show you all the American Idol participants we’ve met over the years,


Jordin Sparks, wearing a MADDY, teal colored leather marbled with gold highlights gives this hat a trendy whimsical look. The embossed rivet hatband adds the perfect touch to embrace the flower for an overall unique look. Jordin Sparks won first place in the sixth season of American Idol  at the age of 17 making her the youngest winner in the shows history.


Jessica Sanchez, in a Janet hat, “Sharp” and “Tailored” is what the JANET is all about. The slightly floppy brim that can cover one eye will show everyone that you mean business. The lightweight felt crown is adorned with a beautiful metallic black hatband finished with a gorgeous metal U buckle. You’ll be dressed to a T with this accessory. Jessica was second place in the eleventh season of American Idol.


James Durbin wearing a laser engraved/airbrushed SKULL N ROSES hat while holding a Wisdom hat. Both hats where designed by Tattoo Artist, Adam Rose. James was fourth place in the tenth season of American Idol.

James Durbin American Hat Makers

Garth Watrous, James Durbin, and Ruby Agresta


Haley Reinhart, wearing the SPAT IN THE HAT a beautifully airbrushed gradient adorning the 3 3/4 inch crown that leads to a sleek, black 1 3/4 inch brim. The top of the crown and underside of the brim compliment one another with color variations that add flair and sophistication. Haley placed third in the tenth season of American Idol.

KimberlyCadwell 152

Kimberly Caldwell, wearing a limited edition fabric, leather fedora style, Ashbury hat. Kimberly finished seventh place in the second season of American Idol.

KimberlyCadwell 185

Hannah Watrous, Kimberly Caldwell, and Garth Watrous.


-American Hat Makers






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