Wana was a Wolf

Inspiration can be extracted in the most surprising places.  In this case, we have the heartwarming story of Wana the Wolf, told by our very own Nikki.

nikki wana

Nikki shares her heartfelt enthusiasm.

Nikki is a talented designer here at American Hat Makers/Head’n Home Hats.  Not long ago, Nikki visited Wana at the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary.  She describes her experience,

“Wana touched my soul, in a way…  I can’t explain.”

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary is a non profit organization, “dedicated to the preservation and proper management of wolves in the wild, and in captivity”.  People see the wolf as a threat, and based on that stereotype, this beautiful animal is banned from the ecosystem by many.  In addition to the threat of extinction, wolves are also captured, forced into captivity, and then abandoned when they become too big, or unmanageable.

“These wolves cannot be released back into the wild” said Nikki.  She elaborates, “People think it’s cool to have a dog/wolf hybrid, or a pure wolf, and then they get too big, and they can’t handle it”.

Nikki was so moved by this wolf sanctuary, and the purpose of it, she decided to do something about it.   She used her inspiration to draw some beautiful sketches of Wana, and created a hat specifically designed to compliment the outdoors, wildlife style.  Once these specifications came together, the Double G, Wana hat was born!  Nikki wasn’t done yet.  Next, she put together a plan of action to help fund the program.  Every time a Wana hat is purchased, we donate five dollars to the sanctuary.


Wana, Denali, and Takaani

If you would like to purchase a Wana hat in support of the sanctuary, click here.  If you would like more information on how to sponsor a wolf directly through Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, click here.

Special thanks to Nikki, for bringing this extraordinary refuge to our attention!  When we know better, we can do better.



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