American Hat Makers Grand Opening – A Huge Success!

0xVSkq5ijyEovcKBSik7a1BgUw2Lb8qkFzPoSwhUFWo IMG_0069kDLB__rn9Y7G4uA7rXW2SAYTyM84Qq05yaV4O4ovR6sIMG_0123 The grand opening of American Hat Makers was a HUGE SUCCESS and we would like to warmly thank everyone who participated and made this truly memorable event possible.

We would like to give a special thanks to Kurt for catering the event. All the food was absolutely delectable and it really kept the event going. There was enough food for hundreds and none of it went to waste, thank you so much for everything!

American Hat Makers would also like to thank Chris, Jessica, and everyone else at Specialized Helicopters for the amazing helicopter tours! The guests had such a blast and your tours were the talk of the party!

20150523_173541 copy 20150523_173557 copy 20150523_173632 copy

Thank you Wendy at Lina Floral for the gorgeous floral arrangements. Our event wouldn’t have been so lively and vibrant without your gorgeous flowers.

A huge thank you to Marquez Brothers for the tables, chairs, and awnings that provided shade and comfort to many of our guests! We wouldn’t have been able to hold the amount of people that attended without your help. IMG_0038IMG_0061

Last but not least we would like the thank Let’s Party Salinas for the fun, 70ft. jumpy house! It made a great time for everyone of ALL ages!

American Hat Makers could not have had this grand opening without the help from all of you and we profoundly thank you for all your love and support!

IMG_0042  IMG_0040IMG_0045 IMG_0046IMG_0131  IMG_0112

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