Utah Arts Festival 2014 Review – From Head’n Home Hats

americanhatmakers_garthhannahwatrous_saltlakecity1Garth and Hannah Watrous, part of our leadership team at Head’n Home, just returned from the Utah Arts Festival, the largest outdoor arts event this Summer in Utah with approximately 800,000 in attendance.

Our Steampunk Hatter and Voodoo Hatter and Ashbury Hats were the big draw – especially our Top Hats.

According to Garth, “now that we have separate and unique brands, it’s easier to talk to hat lovers – we have eclectic brands that are fun to promote. Everyone wants to get into the experience – and make a statement.”

From Hannah – “There were so many highlights. Salt Lake City is a city for hat lovers! The weather was stunning and we loved hanging out with the other artists – the community is so positive, creative and family-oriented.”

“Many mentioned our hats are incredible pieces of art. They are impressed with our handmade work and that we are American made.”

“Our booth had a great energy – everyone who visited was excited to try on hats, take selfies and hang with us.”

(If you want to tag your photo on your social media channel, please use #1800NiceHat.)

One of the biggest highlights was meeting T.J. Miller from the show Silicon Valley and Transformers 4.americanhatmakers_garthhannahwatrous_saltlakecity3

“He dug our top hats and stayed in our booth looking around and chatting with us,” said Garth. “He wants to wear our hats for his upcoming premieres – so we may be on the Red Carpet soon!”

The other buzz was interest from Richard Grieco (21 Jump Street) – fingers crossed we get our hats to him.

Head’n Home is a family-owned and operated premier cut and sew hat making company founded in 1978 by Gary Watrous. All of American Hat Makers headwear are guaranteed for life, custom fitted and handmade in Watsonville, California using the finest American leather and materials. Their men’s and women’s hats are renowned for their unsurpassed quality, attention to detail, and unique designs.

To view all our American made hats, visit http://www.headnhome.com/hat-store.html


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