Garth Joins Board of Headwear Association

Our own Garth Watrous, VP of American Hat Makers and Head’n Home in Freedom, joined the Board of the Headwear Association – the oldest, largest and most prestigious hat organization in the nation.

At the 106th Annual Awards Dinner on April 24, Watrous and his wife, Hannah Watrous, joined the other most influential hat makers in the country to celebrate the accomplishments of the hat industry for the year.

This is an honor for Watrous because, “It’s an opportunity to get like minded individuals together to advance the wearing of hats of all kinds. It’s one of the longest standing organizations in a America.”

“We have always felt we were a leader in the headwear business but truly did not have the exposure needed to advance our business to the next level. Now being on the board I believe brings exposure to the beautiful hats we make.”

Watrous was asked to join the board because of his young and energetic entrepreneurial mindset. He doubled Head’n Home’s business twice over the last 5 years.

Highlights of the night also included Chapel Hats receiving Retailer of the Year. Chapel Hats is one of Head’n Home’s largest retailers — selling their hats in every one of their stores.

View all our American Made Hats here.

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